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Like many of the most recognizable companies today, the concept behind PITCHcrm started as a need; a need for automated marketing that’s simple and affordable for owners of small to medium-sized businesses. And what do you get when an entrepreneur has needs that aren’t fulfilled by the marketplace? A solution for me and for thee…

It all began in 2011, with the Founder of PITCHcrm (Del) looking for an affordable tool to automate marketing emails based on customer interactions and sales history. While exploring his options in the marketplace, Del kept running into the same few issues; cost, complexity, and/or connectivity. There were tools available that integrated with his POS (point of sale) system, but these were either too costly for his small business or too complex to use. All the affordable & simple options available had one fatal flaw, they didn’t connect (or integrate) with the lifeline of any business, the point of sale system. Well, Del is an entrepreneurial spirit and not one to let a problem go unsolved so he decided to build his own, named PITCHcrm.

PITCHcrm, is an Email & SMS marketing platform that’s easy to use, affordable, and can be integrated with POS systems. PITCH automatically syncs customer & sales data to your marketing platform and allows you to easily create automated campaigns based on this data, all at a price small to medium-sized businesses can afford. Time is the most valuable resource as a business owner, let the power of PITCHcrm automate your marketing while you focus on the business!


Send the right message, to the right customers, at the right time... using PITCHcrm!

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PITCHcrm is the most powerful marketing tool you will ever use, period.

PITCHcrm is a marketing platform that integrates directly with the heart of your business – your Point of Sale.  It allows SMBs to automate communication with their customers, personalize marketing messages, and connect customers with the products or services that interest them the most. We are different from the “other guys” – built BY SMBs FOR SMBs.  Click below to learn more, or sign up for your free trial today!