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Secure, easy access to your marketing efforts wherever you may be, and whenever you want

Always Syncing

PitchCRM talks to your database and always has the most current information on ALL of your customers


Campaigns are broadcast through email, text messages (SMS) all at your discretion

Social Media

Post to your business facebook page thanks to our integration channel.


Pitch CRM can...

Implement one-to-one marketing campaigns with a few simple clicks.

Tailor communications based on individual customer behavior.

Handle complex Action Plans with multiple communication channels


Dashboard Features

  • Manage multiple information windows all in one location
  • Select any date range
  • Select any or all business (for multi-business operations)
  • View data in graphical and numerical format
  • Task list
  • Create lists directly from virtually any information presented on the dashboard. Campaigns can be assigned to these lists in the more traditional CRM functional capacity


your plan


$ 199
99 Per Month
  • 1 User
  • 1 Business
  • Email (1000 per month)
    +$ .06/additional email.
  • SMS (1000 per month)
    +$ .07/additional text


$ 299
99 Per Month
  • 6 User
  • 3 Business
  • Email (4000 per month)
    +$ .05/additional email.
  • SMS (4000 per month)
    +$ .06/additional text


$ 399
99 Per Month
  • 10 User
  • 5 Business
  • Email (10000 per month)
    +$ .04/additional email.
  • SMS (10000 per month)
    +$ .05/additional text


Call for pricing
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Business
  • Email (4000 per month)
    +$ .02/additional email
  • SMS (4000 per month)
    +$ .04/additional text

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